Salt Scrub


ElskaBody salt scrubs are made from Epsom salt, Sea Salt, organic raw coconut oil, and scented with 100% pure essential oils. These scrubs are a rougher on the skin than our Sugar Scrubs, so they are ideal for someone looking for a super exfoliating product that will leave them refreshed and their skin super smooth!

Your scrub comes in a resealable, stand up pouch, and contains 350 grams of yummy salt scrub. 

Please note that images are still for the old packaging. I am working hard to provide images of the new packaging :) thank you for your patience.

Key ingredients:
Epsom salt, sea salt, organic coconut oil, essential oil (+ coffee for the coffee scrub)

Please research essential oils prior to purchase. Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy or while nursing. All ingredients used are listed here, as well as on product labels. Please avoid ingredients you may have sensitivities or allergies to. These products are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.

See below for details of each scrub :)

But First... Coffee: Epsom salt, sea salt, finely ground organic arabica coffee beans, organic raw virgin coconut oil, emulsifier, vanilla essential oil, benzoin essential oil

Tropical Dream: Epsom salt, sea salt, pink himalayan salt, organic virgin coconut oil, natural mango butter, emulsifier, sweet coconut fragrance oil, lime essential oil

Peace, Baby: Epsom salt, sea salt, pink himalayan salt, organic virgin coconut oil, emulsifier, lavender essential oil

Candy Cane: Epsom salt, sea salt, organic virgin coconut oil, organic shea butter, emulsifier, peppermint essential oil

Spa Day: Epsom salt, sea salt, organic virgin coconut oil, emulsifier, eucalyptus essential oil.

Time for Tea: Mediterrean salt, fine sea salt, Epsom salt, organic shea butter, organic camellia oil, emulsifier, palmarosa essential oil, green tea extract 

Les gommages au sel sont plus rugueux pour la peau que les gommages au sucre. Donc si vous cherchez une exfoliation plus intense celle-ci est idéale. Les gommages ElskaBody sont offerts en pochette de 350 gr, avec liste complète d’ingrédients.

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