Super Single Mommy Gift Box


Super Singly Mommy Gift Box is a monthly gift box that I send to diserving single mommies. It includes 2–4 ElskaBody products, for example: a Mineral bath soak, hand lotion, and a lip balm. I try to work with the winners to get an idea what they would enjoy scent wise.


As a single mom myself, I know that sometimes we don't take the time to treat ourselves to self pampering products. We tend to put all our efforts into our kids and running a household with all the challenges these tasks bring, not on treating ourselves. But just like any other mommy, we need to take the time to take care of ourselves too, because how else are we going to have the energy, both mental and physical, to take care of our littles? 


If you are a single mom, or know a single mom, who could use a little self-pampering encouragement, please send me a direct message on Instagram: or send an email to with the name and either an IG or Facebook page so that I can add them to my list. 


On the first day of every month, I use a random number generator to pick 1 winner from the list. Once they have won, their name is removed from the list. I notify winners by either IG or FB.