What Customers Are Saying

Here are a few things my ElskaBody customers are saying about the products they have ordered.

Love everything about it!

Using the body butter after EVERY shower (and spot treatment as the day goes on because its become a guilty pleasure) is helping me keep my eczema under control. It keeps me from being discouraged. Yet another product I absolutely LOVE. Definitely will be ordering another one once my first container is done. On that note, a little goes a long way.– C, Laval

My little boy's teacher from last year chased me down in the school hallway last week to tell me how much she loved your cream I got her last year!! She was raving about it! She was like "I just LOVED it!" so looks like i will def be buying some more for her at the end of the school year." – L, Ottawa

All arrived safely and we tried out one of the fizzies last night. [My little girl] loved it The rose lotion is divine. Thank you so much! -- S, Nova Scotia

I love, love, love the Coconut & Lime scrub! It is a special favourite in the winter because of the tropical smell - makes me feel like I'm at a spa in the Caribbean. It takes away all the itchy dryness that my skin gets when the weather is cold. Even though my face has pretty sensitive skin, I don't worry about that - I can use this scrub and it leaves it feeling fresh! It's the best scrub I have ever tried hands down! My daughter especially loves her Sweet Orange bath fizzes and Cotton Candy Lip Balm. What I love about ElskaBody is that it is natural and safe for little girls as well as their moms! – Stephanie Connell - Oakville, ON

Amazingly rich hand lotion. I keep this at my desk and am dipping into it all day long. So rich and soft. And sometimes, I just like to smell it :) – Martha, Montreal

Received the scrub at around 9:30 this morning.. (Adorable packaging btw).. and couldn't resist trying it.. Used it on my hands.. LOVE. I'm going to use it as my Pedicure scrub (for my clients), and once my current manicure scrub is finished, I'll buy another one (from you) to replace that one. Absolutely LOVE IT. I'll also buy one for personal use as well soon (what this one was originally supposed to be for) – Cynthia, Laval

It is addictive! I love the smell and the application (it glides on well) – Cynthia (review of lip balm)

Love these products—high quality ingredients that work wonderfully! My favorites are the sugar scrubs and body lotions, the combination is ideal for my dry skin—especially in winter! The scent customization is also great, and unique for body products!  — Joanna, Montreal

I LOVE these products. I have sensitive skin and allergies to perfumes and I’ve had no problems with anything I’ve tried, which is great because I still love to have things that smell great. Since everything is natural, sensitive skin and allergies (I’ve even made a special nut allergy request) haven’t been a problem! It’s also become my “go-to” option for gifts because the packaging is so pretty. I don’t buy moisturizers or scrubs anywhere else! — Melissa, Montreal

It all looks gorgeous and I'm sure she's going to love it all. Thanks too for the lip balm - very sweet of you!—N, Saudi Arabia