Winter...It's been SO COLD!!! January 21, 2015 18:11

Hello ElskaBody followers!

It's the middle of winter here in cold, cold Quebec, Canada. For most of January the temperature has been hovering around –20C (–4F), and with the wind, it's feeling even colder. Needless to say, every time we are outside, our skin and lips are taking a beating! Add to this, that most of us are blasting the heat in our houses/apartments/condos so that we are comfortable inside. The downside of all of this.. dry, dry, super dry skin!
So what to do? My girls and I are combating the dry skin with our Whipped Body Butter and the ElskaBody lip balm. We slather on the butter every night before bedtime. We use out lip balm ALL.THE.TIME. On top of that, I use my favorite ElskaBody hand lotion at work every time I feel like my hands are getting dry.

I hope that you will give ElskaBody products a chance to help you through the winter too!