About ElskaBody

ElskaBody products are made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

ElskaBody was born in late 2013, out of a desire to make products for my 2 girls and I that only contained exactly what I knew I was putting in them. I got tired of reading endless ingredient lists, while trying to avoid ingredients that I was getting increasingly suspicious of. So I started making my own products, using only ingredients that I knew to be pure and safe: mostly organic, virgin or raw oils and butters like Coconut, Shea, Cacao, Argan, and Grapeseed; no parabens, no artificial fragrances, and the only natural preservative I could find that I felt comfortable with.

So I made those products... and then I let my friends try them... and guess what? They all loved the idea of knowing exactly what was in their products, and that they were hand crafted personally by me with the love, passion, and care they knew I was putting into the products. 

The name ElskaBody has a bit of a background. I wanted something with a connection to my previous home Iceland, and Elska came up in a collaboration with a great friend of mine.. she said what is "to love" in Icelandic? And ElskaBody was born. 

So here we are. ElskaBody products are still custom made for each order, and I hope you LOVE them as much as I LOVE making them.

Hilda :)